Nonprofit, philanthropy, and social enterprise organizations need leaders with unique skills who are agile, strategic, and deeply passionate. We align with the organization’s mission and strategy by using state of the art technology. We conduct a deep screening, interviewing and vetting process. Our process allows our clients to have interested and qualified candidates in days – not weeks. We provide information and references on each candidate to ensure the candidates we present are the best talent that meets and exceed our client’s expectations to fulfill their mission and culture.

We can help you:

  • Identify, define and develop successful position profiles for leadership roles and staff level positions
  • Identify, vet and interview possible internal successors
  • Conduct external search to recruit a slate of qualified candidates that meet and exceed the requirements of your position
  • Negotiate with the candidate on joining your organization 

Staffing Organizations in Need:

  • Community Organizations
  • Foster Care Organizations
  • Educational Organizations
  • Youth Programs
  • Outreach Associations